The Belmont Abbey Sports Network continues its promise to provide quality internet video and audio streaming.

Brian Rushing is in his ninth year on the athletics staff as the Director of Athletic Marketing and Broadcasting, serving as the Voice of the Crusaders for most athletic broadcasts.

Schedules are subject to change, so please check back often.

Live streams and on-demand replays can be found here.


Date Sport Opponent Format Air Time Event Time
17 WSOC Barton Video 1:45p 2p
18 FH Roanoke Video 3:45p 4p
20 WVB King Video 6:45p 7p
21 WSOC Limestone Video 12:45p 1p
  MSOC Limestone Video 3:15p 3:30p
28 FH Bellarmine Video 12:45p 1p
  WVB Lees-McRae Video 6:45p 7p


Date Sport Opponent Format Air Time Event Time
01 FH Converse Video 3:45p 4p
  WVB Converse Video 6:45p 7p
02 MSOC Emmanuel Video 1:15p 1:30p
  WSOC Emmanuel Video 3:45p 4p
05 WVB Mount Olive Video 1:45p 2p
05 WVB Savannah State Video 5:45p 6p
10 FH Limestone Video 3:45p 4p
12 WSOC King Video 11:45a 12p
  MSOC King Video 2:45p 3p
25 WVB Barton Video 6:45p 7p
26 WVB Chowan Video 1:45p 2p
  MSOC Erskine Video 3:15p 3:30p
31 FH Mount Olive Video 3:45p 4p


Date Sport Opponent Format Air Time Event Time
02 WSOC Converse Video 12:45p 1p
  FH Newberry Video 3:45p 4p
06 WVB Limestone Video 6:45p 7p
08 WSOC CC WSOC Quarters (if home) Video 1:45p 2p
09 MSOC CC MSOC Quarters (if home) Video 1:45p 2p
19 WVB CC VB Quarters (if home) Video 6:15p 6:30p